Kepteasy is a private company focused on investing and trading in publicly listed companies. We are currently focused largely on dividend investing and swing and intraday trading securities.

We are building functional tools with Python and Excel that help find, rank, understand, organize and value stocks.

We are building trading software using Python to help understand trades with statistical analysis.

We are building journalling tools with Python and Excel that help improve and better understand the mental and emotional aspect of investing and trading.

All these tools are designed to expedite growth and improvement and ensure a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that help formulate the best investing and trading styles for each person using them.

Our trading styles are designed on technical entries on candlestick charts. We then tie that with our philosophy on stock selection and risk management.

These tools are built in-house for use in-house and are not currently available.

Our website is currently under construction and may be unveiled at some point in 2022. Thankyou for your interest.

If you are interested in contacting or communicating with Kepteasy please find our founder on Twitter @realjustinmayer