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As of November 18, 2022

Trade Style #1 - Inception September 1st, 2022

Current Days Profitable In A Row - 56

Trade Win % | 94.67%

Booked Gains Percentage Day Trading | +140.01%

Booked Gains Percentage Swing Trading | +58.85%

Trade Style #2 - In Use December 2, 2021 - August 31, 2022

Booked Gains Percentage Day Trading | +19.66%

Trade Win % | 55.72%

Value Dividend Investing - Inception November 25, 2020

Style #1 Dividend Investing | +7.70% Booked Gains

Style #2 Dividend Investing | -1.68% Booked Loss

Growth Investing - Inception December 29. 2020

Growth Investing | -84.72% Unrealized Loss

Booked Growth Investing | -34.74% Booked Losses

Day & Swing Trading Gains On Full Account*

August 4th - October 19th = +45.50% to full USD account

October 20th - November 25th = +11.16% to full USD account

*These numbers have been updated and are now accurate as of the date above. These numbers show exact returns over the time period of inception date noted until date noted above as our records indicate from broker statements transfered to Excel spreadsheets. Since the time of last posting we have gone back into each trade and found an exact amount or at least exact as our spreadsheets show and barring any human error in the transfering of data from broker to spreadsheet. Dividend and Growth gains and losses are taken using the booked gains or losses divided by total leveraged and as of the date above. Day & Swing Trading Booked Gains are calculated on the money at risk, not total leveraged over the period. Day & Swing trading gains on full account are now accurate with a margin for error of 1-2% based on some CAD trades being included in the calculations. Style #1 Dividend Investing is based on price and RSI on longer time frames, dip buys on large sell offs we see as over done, and after a large drop after earnings on results we deem to be temporary. Style #2 Dividend Investing is based on levels of support and resistance and buying near or on those levels using other technical analysis. The bulk of growth investments are not held in Kepteasy's brokerage account, these are our founders investments held in his personal account. We are including these as a matter of transparency but are not technically Kepteasy Inc holdings. Some of the dividend investments were also in his personal account, before transferring them to Kepteasy Incs account. However the large portion of growth investments are still in his personal account. We would not advise anyone to make the same buys on the growth investments our founder did, these were made very early in his career before he had any experience or technical analysis abilities.

Kepteasy is a Canadian controlled private corporation focused on investing and trading in the US Markets.

We focus on day & swing trading the Nasdaq 100, ETFs & investing in publicly listed companies on the Nasdaq or NYSE.

We are currently focused on day and swing trading the Nasdaq 100, ETF's mostly ProShares & Direxion as well our investing focus is on Value Dividend Investing. We have traded public listed securites, have data stats and tools for traders however currently have no active trader in secuties trading. We largely avoid growth investing these days. 

We are building functional tools with Python and Excel using algorithms and accounting, that help find, rank, understand, organize and value stocks.

We created the "Mayer Performance Score" a score out of 8.125 which helps to rank companies on factors directly tied to share price appreciation and return on capital. 

We are building trading software using Python to help understand trades with statistical analysis.

We are building journalling tools with Python and Excel that help improve and better understand the mental and emotional aspect of investing and trading.

All these tools are designed to expedite growth and improvement and ensure a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that help formulate the best investing and trading styles for each person using them.

Our main approach to trading the Nasdaq100 is in Overbought and Oversold situations on various time lines & intraday scalping on the 1 minute chart. We use price to find entries first, candle sticks & trend lines second. We have created a high win percentage trade style that has limited risk. To date the only risk is to your profits as our trade style generates cash daily along the way & any risk to this date is not to original capital. We build cash daily and take occasional losses over a longer term.

In our approach to security trading most of our trading styles are designed on technical entries on candlestick charts. We then tie that with our philosophy on stock selection and risk management.

These tools are built in-house for use in-house and are not currently available.

We are currently working behind the scenes to grow our company.

We are not looking for or pitching investors or people with money. We are putting time in and growing our own capital.

We have nothing to sell you, however may offer our tools and solutions publicly one day in the future but with no idea of time frame.

Our website is currently under construction, we currently have no time frame for completion.

Thankyou for your interest.

If you are interested in contacting or communicating with Kepteasy please find us on twitter @kepteasy